JSNT Technical Services

JSNT Technical Services is a premiere institute located in Gurgaon which has been offering quality education, training and services for last 12 years.

JTS is offering specialized Training courses in Welding, Fabrication, Quality Improvement, TQM, Quality Circles and various NDT methods like Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing , Visual Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing.

JTS has been conducting training for last 12 years and till date more than 5,000 candidates have been trained and certified as Level I/II in various NDT methods at their Institute at Gurgaon and also through in-house training in India and abroad, as per the requirement of their customers.

FabricationJSNT Technical Services is working with a large no. of reputed clients from all over India and abroad to fulfill their needs in the field of NDT,Welding, TQM, Fabrication, ISO, Boiler Manufacturing, Third Party Inspection etc..

JTS is having complete infrastructure for conducting various Training programs that includes all the necessary Testing Equipments and State of the art Presentation Set-up.

All the training programs are well designed and are arranged in interactive PowerPoint modules having pre and post module questionnaires for better participation and self assessment during the programme.

Please note that all the NDT Training, qualification and Certification is carried out as per SNT-TC-1A -2001, by our highly experienced ASNT Level III Qualified personnel.

NDTJSNT Technical Services provides specialized NDT Level III services which are tailored to the specific needs of your organization to ensure that your organization operates within the established guidelines and with the highest possible efficiency.

JSNT Technical Services maintains a large library that is stocked with NDT, welding, fabrication and QA reference materials including specifications and codes applicable to various applications in many industries.

JTS provides consultancy services in the field of Quality Circles, Cost Reduction, General and Coded fabrication,QA Systems, ASME U-stamp accreditation etc.

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